the problem

The to-do list never gets shorter.

Your days never get longer.

You’re never actually “done.”

You’re constantly in motion, spinning your wheels, and hoping for the day when it gets easier. (Or at least less taxing.)

Except it’s been, what now? Months? Years? And yet, you’re more buried in work than ever. It’s the life of a business owner or leader of teams. Add to that being a parent (pets, plants, and kids all count). Not to mention the idea of taking a vacation from anything and really checking out feels impossible.

Am I right?

the solution?


Most people have at some point wondered… If only I could clone myself.

While we haven’t invented a fabulous new cloning machine, we’ve got the next best thing. 

And end to end process that will help you lead your team to greatness, hire the right people for your business and your working style, and build systems and a team culture that drives success.

The end to end process is fully detailed in our training program called: How to Clone Yourself.

truth be told, we don’t really need to find your clone

I mean you are great and all. Clearly. 😉

And we do need more of you in the world. Your vision, your voice, your mission needs to be realized.

To do that, you need to build out a team of people that support you in building a great company. That means you need people who are the peanut butter to your jelly. The ying to your yang. The cream in your coffee. The lace in your shoe.

Building out a team that rallies around you and acts as an extension of you every minute of every day is hard to do. But it’s not impossible.

how can we help you?


How to Clone Yourself


Building out a great team starts with hiring, but that’s not where it stops. Explore the end to end How to Clone Yourself process now in our comprehensive training.


The Shortlist


Skip ahead and find talent that we’ve prescreened for you. Go to the front of the line and grab our shortlist here now.


Done for You Hiring

$4000 (starting)

You’ve tried all the things before, yeah? But you are at a point in your business where you need to accelerate team building and development? Let’s talk.

Learn All the Secrets to Scaling + Growing Your Business

Learn about the Cloning process from our team of esteemed Clones.
Prepare to fall in love with our team of Clones, your life, and your business all over again.