(…maybe literally.)


Your wrists are sore.
Your eyes are cross-eyed.
And it’s still not done. 

…The to-do list never gets shorter.
…Your days never get longer.
…You’re never actually “done.”

And sometimes you feel like just throwing in every towel in every room and calling it a day. Or a year. Or a lifetime.

You just can’t seem to get ahead, no matter what you do. Yes, even when you do that. You’re constantly in motion, spinning your wheels, and hoping for the day when this CEO stuff gets easier. (Or at least less taxing on your ass.)

Except it’s been, what now?
Months? Years? And yet, you’re more buried in work than ever. 

Maybe, you figure, this is why the devil wears Prada–because apparently, when you’re a boss, you don’t have time for any other pleasures. 

Or…do you?


How to Clone Yourself

The 4-Week Workshop That Shows The Exasperated, Drowning, Overstressed, Overworked, Overtaxed Business Owner How to Make More Time for Yourself and How to Make More Money for Yourself…

….Without Making More Work for Yourself.

It’s no big secret there are only twenty-four hours in a day (and less if you count the time you spend chasing your kids, frantically jumping on the toilet, throwing a Lean Cuisine into the microwave, and trying to do that thing they call “exercise”.)

So how do some business owners make it look so easy? How do some seem to make (significantly) more money than you do…while seemingly having more fun than you do, too?


How do they DO it all?


As long as you know how to find and hire the right kinds.

I’ll tell you how: 

They know something you don’t.

And that something is precisely how and precisely where they should be spending their time to maximize the output of their efforts–versus where they should NEVER, EVER be spending it (and likely where you’re spending most of yours by accident). 

Most new entrepreneurs overcommit themselves in all the wrong places. They think they’ll “get ahead” by “bootstrapping” it. They try to wear “all the hats” and just “suck it up” and “hustle.” 

But what they don’t realize is that this isn’t what anyone ever meant by hustle, or even bootstrap. What they don’t realize is that all of this working themselves into the ground in order to “save money” or “save time” is actually doing the opposite–it’s costing them A LOT. 

And by a lot, I mean thousands of dollars you may be leaving on the table every single month…or even week. 

Not only can’t you do everything yourself–you shouldn’t.

Not only can’t you do everything yourself –

you shouldn’t.

Completely changed the plan I had for my business!

Amber and the How to Clone Yourself program completely changed the plan I had for my business. She got me to lose my death grip on the reins (and control) of every single thing that happens while running a business. Being able to delegate and hand off tasks that shouldn’t take up my time is a huge benefit to me and my clients.

– Alison Monday

How to Clone Yourself

is the ideal workshop for anyone who wants the peace, mind and sanity of having more hands on deck…without bringing on more unwanted expenses, headaches or babysitting jobs.  

>> If you’re worried about how to afford hiring more help
this is for you.

>> If you’re worried that the help will never be able to “replace” you…this is for you. 

>> If you’re worried that anyone you hire will require tons of training (that you don’t have the time for)…this is for you.

>> If you’re worried about having to manage another person…this is for you.

>> If you’ve never hired another person in your life
this is for you.

>> If you’ve hired tons of people and suck at it
this is for you, too.

Organizing my business has never been so much fun!

How to Clone Yourself helped me move from total business overwhelm to total organization. Amber helps you stop and think about what you’re doing and what you can do better to lead a business you love. This program is much more than learning how to find people to help you. It gives you the tools to organize a business that’s well oiled and ready to rock!

– Sophie Bujold

START How to Clone Yourself RIGHT NOW.

It’s yours for life.

Forget cloning myself, I want to clone Amber!!

“She not only is a pro at making your business run smoother but more profitable! I am so blessed to have her as my go-to girl for running not just good business, but a great business that I love to run every day.”

– Erin Giles

What You’ll Learn in How to Clone Yourself

Part One: Determining What You ARE Doing Now That You Shouldn’t Be

  • Together, we’ll figure out where you’re spending your time (maybe without knowing it) and identify the time sucks that are bringing you way, way down
  • Learn the key difference between people who are busy, and people who are productive–and how you can use this as a gauge to check yourself before you wreck yourself, every single day

Part Two: Determining What You’re NOT Doing Now That You Should Be

  • One thing is true: You went to business forin yourself partly for one reason: You liked it. Are you doing the stuff you like?
  • We’ll talk about where your REAL strengths lie (versus the strengths you might accidentally mistake as yours) and how to leverage those to maximize your business’ earning potential in smart ways
  • Learn the difference between having one big never ending to-do list versus a short list of REAL priorities—and how to tell which is an “urgent” issue that isn’t important, versus what actually matters (and why this will uplevel everything)
  • Explore your brand at a much deeper level than ever, and go beyond what you “should” do, and learn what you MUST do

Part Three: Recognizing What To Outsource

  • There are things about your work that you don’t like, that you’re not good at, and that you have no business doing. What are those things, how can you tell, and what can you do about it?
  • Understand that hating something doesn’t make you weak–it makes you powerful. We’ll talk about leveraging that power and using it for the greater good.
  • And, finally, nailing down which activities really should be someone else’s job–not yours. Because you only have ONE job, and that’s be the best at YOUR job. Not everyone’s.

Part One: So, you want to clone yourself. Now what? 

  • Determine a process to quickly and easily determine what characteristics your clone should (and needs to) have, including must-haves versus would-be-nice skill sets and abilities.
  • Learn how to craft the perfect role for your clone, to make the right people? Come knocking. 

Part Two: Where Will My Clone Come From?

  • Discover our best resources for finding the perfect clone–no stress, no headaches, no weird demands. Just quality people who are ready to help. 

Part Three: The Interview. (Cue gong.)

  • Interviewing someone isn’t easy. Learn the right questions to ask to find out the right answers to make the right decision—without having to become an HR expert, or someone highly advanced in the field of human psychology. Wink. 
  • Learn how to complete a behavioral interview and find out the real info you need to know to make a smart hiring decision…the first time.
  • Understand role playing techniques and find out when they’re useful, when they’re not, and how you can use these in your business.

Part Four: Making The Offer to Your Clone 

  • Learn the best ways to compensate your clone without giving too much—or asking too little
  • Negotiate like a pro and make sure that everybody on both sides of the table is happy, so you can both run off into the sunset holding hands and sipping mojitos and excitedly whispering about the future. Or something like that. 😉

Part One: Get Organized

  • Don’t jump into this like a chicken with your head cut off–use it as the perfect opportunity to organize your hiring process, and get your needs streamlined so you can duplicate the entire thing over and over and over as you continue to grow (this WILL be useful to you, and it will help you make a lot of money)
  • Develop a smart calendar of what you need, when—without stepping on anyone’s toes, or forcing yourself to be anybody’s mother
  • Learn how to expertly manage other people’s expectations—and why this really matters for your own long-term success 

Part Two: Get Your Operations in Place

  • Every business should have an operations manual–even if you think you don’t need one. Here, we’ll learn what must-haves should be going in yours. Ooo la la. 
  • Discover easy ways to develop your very own operations manual from scratch–no time suck, no bullshit, no frills

Part Three: Get Your Working Tools

  • Learning how to work well with your clone is maybe the #1 thing you can do to ensure that your clone works for you…not against you
  • Understand strategies to help ease the transition period, and make sure everybody’s on the same page
  • Discover online solutions & tools to help you manage files, applications, and projects…as easy as 1, 2, 3 
  • Know the number one trick to working with other people and cloning yourself (hint: It isn’t actually cloning yourself, though that would be nice!)

Part One: The Role of Leadership & Why This Matters More Than Anything

  • What’s the difference between a leader and a manager–and which are you?
  • How can this difference make or break you? 
  • Find out how to command respect and lead like a leader–not a wannabe–and do it in a way that earns you an army 

Part Two: Start Right, Not Wrong

  • There are ways to start off on the right foot…and there are ways not to
  • Discover how to develop “a project charter” (and if you don’t know what that means, then you need to download this even more than you thought!)

Part Three: Soar Motivation

  • There’s one trick to motivating new hires and keeping them there. Learn what that trick is – and use it as your new secret weapon. 

Part Four: Big Brand Panties Guidelines

  • Now that you’ve done all this work, you’ve got to have it for keeps! Learn how to develop what’s referred to as “brand guidelines” to keep everything consistent across the board no matter who comes ON board. 


1. You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner.

2. You wish there were more hours in the day.

3. You’ve been intimidated by the idea of hiring help
(but want to)

4. You know you could be playing so much bigger (think: book deals, speaking events, heart projects, big gigs) if you could only offload some of what’s on your plate right now

5. You want to do this right.

START How to Clone Yourself RIGHT NOW.

It’s yours for life.

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“Amber helps you simplify your business so you can make more money.”

– Caitlin Bacher

“Amber is the type of person who calmly looks at any situation and immediately assesses how to fix it.”

– Jasmine Star

“Amber is that secret weapon that every entrepreneur needs in her arsenal.”

– Lisa Kuecker

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